Thursday, October 30, 2014

These Californian shirts bring you back to the 50's

On my latest trip to Califonia I discovered these great 50s shirts. 
It could be the the kind of shirt your father or grandfather used to wear.
 Or more recent, you might have seen Charlie Sheen wearing them all the time in his 
TV series Two and a Half Men.

They are also called Bowling Shirts.

Although they are 100 polyester , they are great to wear in hot summer conditions, 
very light and thin. I really like the design of the collar and the striping! 

The last one is more of a 60s design, but I wanted to add it to this page, just for fun.

In case you want to know more about them, the brandname is Da Vinci California.
They are available online, but be aware, the sizing can be a bit odd. Make sure you can return them!
I bought a Small and a Large and both fit me well.....

So maybe you are better of by paying a visit their only retail store (so I was told) 
at 7519 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

It fun to try on all their styles and great service, no sales pressure or unwanted advices.

In the near future I will post Californian discoveries.

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