Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vintage Tweed

While waiting for a table at Restaurant Boucherie Les Provinces near the March√© d’Aligre in the 12th arr. in Paris I met Laurent. Laurent was wearing exclusive vintage clothing and could me attention immediatly. 

It turned out he had recently opened a very small but very exquisite vintage store Symbolique on the Rue de Cotte, just around the corner. 

After the great lunch we walked over to Laurents place and found a shop for of treasures. We admired the great pieces Laurent offers. All of a sudden I see the suit I ahd been looking for during the last two years: a real vintage tweed suit including breeks, or as I would call them in Holland: knickerbockers!! The suit is made by Mears Ltd. in England. The tweed is made by Haggarts of Aberfeldy in Scotland. 

People who follow me know how much I wanted to have this piece of heritage clothing, and this one is perfect. It's not too wide, not too long, it's just right. 

Symbolique is a true hidden gem in Paris! Laurent's business card says: Vintage and Creations. One thing is for sure Laurent is a creative person with a very personal and extraordinary taste and style!

And ladies, 80% of what Laurent has got to offer is female clothing, but your husbands can also find great stuff. Laurent concentrates on older clothing, I believe he said all items are made before 1970, starting as early as he can get it. He seemes to have the right network, many pieces are so exclusive, they could be transferred to a museum directly!

Merci Laurent and all the best with the greatest little shop in the world!

16 Rue de Cotte, Paris (12th Arr)

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