Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Ideal Shopping Day in Paris including Great Food.

Earlier this year I was in Paris after an absence of 5 years (way too much) and noticed a lot of changes in men's shopping spots. Here are a few of my favorite places:

As in most cities these days one kind find a lot of Vintage fashion.
Around Les Halles vintage is everywhere, scroll around and head for
They have a great collection and by talking to one of the staff members I got some great tips on the latest shopping hot spots!

My next stop was the 3rd Arrondisement. (many people told me to skip the Marais (the 4th Arr), it's is too touristy and has lost most of the local charmes)
One of the best stores of this trip was the ROCKER SPEED SHOP,  it has a great collection of the brands you find elsewhere in this blog.
Rare brands from Japan and good old Europeand and North American classics.  

After that I biked south towards Place de La Bastille and found this great little treasure store called Symbolique on Rue de Cotte where I found a vintage suit including knickerbocker/plusfour. 

Now you are just a few steps form the Marche d' Aligre and you could decide to eat something at one of the bakery's or have a meaty lunch at Restaurant Boucherie Les Provinces. 
(only open for lunch until 2.30 PM!)

After this head further south towards Montparnasse, on Rue Mayet 16 you will find T-Bird, a great little store with motor theme style quality clothing.
You can find some rare treasures for your wardrobe here!

Finally for good French meal I recommend Restaurant L' Ambassade d'Auvergne.
Order Aligot, a mix of mashed potatoes with cheese, it's to die for!
See picture below.

Or go to Restaurant A la Biche au Bois and feel Parisien!!
Both places are great for good food and wine.

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