Thursday, October 29, 2015

Let the winter begin!

Lone Wolf boots are directly patterned after long-lost classic styles from the “Good Old Days” in American work wear; that is an era, generally speaking, that hit its zenith in the 1950s and saw its demise by the early 1970s.  The Lone Wolf mark is your guarantee you are buying real work boots meant to withstand the rigors of the most-demanding tasks, but they also just so happen to look as beautifully as they function because they are hand crafted from superior-quality leathers and other components with the utmost of pride by a tiny, family-run shoe business.  This shoe company is a true anachronism, taking you back to a time when shoes were made by a cobbler with hammer in hand, a shoe last deftly cradled between his legs and a brace of steel nails poking out from between his lips.  And when we say it’s a family-run business, we mean the shoes are actually hand made by several generations of one family that includes men and women and their offspring who have chosen to be old-world shoe artisans, producing superior-quality rugged footwear one pair at a time.  Demand is so great for the Lone Wolf boots in Japan v s. the available supply, orders are typically completed 6-10 months from the time they were booked by the stores that sell the boots, and some styles have been known to be sold out for a year or more – NEVER hesitate or delay in making a purchase of Lone Wolf boots!
Lone Wolf Carpenter Boots are based on a vintage style dating back to the 1930s that was once produced by legendary footwear manufacturers in the USA that have long since vanished.  The uppers are manufactured from a beefy, full-grain imported steer hide leather that is vegetable tanned for no less than 12 weeks, then beautifully aniline-dyed in classic dark brown, after which the leather is sewn and hand lasted over a period of days to ensure maximum stretch and flexibility to the finished shoe, and finally the lasted uppers are sewn by hand using the famous Goodyear storm welt - NEVER are soles vulcanized to the uppers or sewn in some cheap manner to duplicate the appearance of a true Goodyear welt at a sacrifice to comfort, quality and durability.  The Carpenter also features a high-quality leather outer sole that, in turn, is stitched and nailed to New-Old-Stock GENUINE vintage “Cat’s Paw” rubber soles, with GENUINE Vintage “Cat’s Paw” heels glued and nailed in place.  Cat’s Paw soles were regarded as the best rubber soles back in the day and Lone Wolf is the only brand today still utilizing a vintage surplus of these soles for footwear production.  Vintage details of style and superior quality include the following:

• Lone Wolf label produced on a vintage shuttle loom
• Lace-to-toe hooks and eyelets
• Removable false tongue
• Triple-stitched vamp for durability
• Two colors of contrasting thread employed for assembly of uppers
• Aniline-dyed cowhide uppers that will wear and age fabulously, yielding an incredible vintage patina
• Custom-made shoe laces to precisely match the heavy, corded type originally employed on this style of shoe
• Nickel-plated metal lace-up eyelets and speed hooks
• Firm, protective toe box
• Gusseted-leather tongue
• Full-leather counter pockets
• Hand-lasted uppers
• Hand-sewn genuine Goodyear welt with heavy-duty corded thread
• Heavy, non-corrosive steel shank for extra heavy-duty support
• Genuine New-Old-Stock vintage Cat’s Paw rubber soles and heels attached to high-quality leather outer soles
•Vegetable-tanned, aniline-dyed, full-grain steer hide uppers
• Leather insoles for better breathing of feet and moisture absorption

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