Sunday, November 1, 2015

Californian Road Trip with an Eye for Traditional Clothing

This autumn I spent three weeks in California and was able to visit a few of my favorite fashion spots and discovered new ones, her are the highlights:

The Strongholt
1625 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice 
The best of all the upmarket denim shops I visited in the LA area.
No vintage, all new stuff. Here you kind find your jeans in unusual colors and new materials.  I really liked the striped ones. The price is high, but 50% lower as Mr. Freedom. Great service and very nice store. Make sure to check out the rest of Abbot Kinney, the street is full of  great stores and none of the regular chains one would expect to be there. (for as long as it lasts)
They only have very few different styles, personally I do not like to have my jeans above my waist and this made my decide not by a pair at Strongholt. 
Strongholt store
Typical Strongholt look

Mr. Freedom
7161 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles
The Mr. Freedom shop so special, it felt as if I was walking into a heaven full of fantastic menswear. I had seen a lot of Mr. Freedom wear online and some pieces here in Amsterdam. But seeing it all together is magic!
Make sure to stop by this store when you like their style.
But I must warn you, it is very very expensive. Even the smallest little scarf/bandana will cost you 130 USD. And yes, it is made out of some kind of rare Japanese vintage cloth that looks stunning. Still it is as small as a handkerchief.

Mr. Freedom interior

Global Rebels
7519 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles.
A great find for me. This is the only store that sells Da Vinci California. Very 50s styles short sleeve shirts also knows as bowling shirts and recently made very well known by Charlie Sheen who wears them all the time in the TV series Two and a Half Men.
It can imagine this shirts have a somewhat nerdy image and yes they are a little oversized, but I do like to total look so much I simply had to buy a few and have been wearing them the rest of my vacation in California. They are comfy in warm weather, very light and breezy.
For more information visit the post. 

Slow Vintage
7474 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
Excellent vintage store full of American classics!
Check out the area, there are plenty of interesting stores here. This clearly is the funky part of Melrose. I bought a pair of great true vintage work boots.

American Vintage
7377 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
Another excellent vintage store, fair prices and a great collection, especially the short sleeve shirt collection is superb.

Pendleton outlet
125 Ocean View Boulevard

Pacific Grove (near Monterey, California)

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